Riding a bike is like an art, something you do because you feel a sense of freedom inside yourself which you do not get in a car.

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We don't ride a bikes to add days to our life.

We ride a bikes to add life to our days.

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More than 2,000 registered motorcyclists since October 2015

Biker.Ae is an English community portal and forum for Biker lovers or anymore living in the UAE, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus or around the global. The website is an ideal place to meet fellow bikers, in fact, someone with the passion for motorcycles as well. On our website, members can chat, share expiriences of both riding and living, arrange ride-outs, meetings, organize events and so soon.


e are passionate bikers who have created a Biker-related mobile app to help you in desperate times. Our app is called Biker APP. This is and original IPhone and Android app for bikers that will allow you to find, track and meet your fellow bikers in just one click. Our smartphone biker app will be an instant success in the biker world and will soon become a staple in the biker community. Our app is comprehensive and informative app for the bikers in the world.

Join us in making unique app a reality!